Powder filling machines

High-quality powder filling machines, suitable for processing powders and granules with a dosing range from 0,5 grams up to 25 kg. In cans, bags, pots, buckets or boxes.

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Powder filling machine with conveyor

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Powder filling machines

Are you searching for a powder filling machine to improve your production process? Then you have come to the right place at Altrimex. With 50 years of experience, we are specialised in providing packaging solutions for the powder and granules industry, ranging from stand-alone powder fillers to complete packaging lines.

Weights from 0,5 gram up to 25 kg can be dosed with great precision and delivered in any desired packaging, such as in bags, cans, pots, buckets or boxes. You can choose between manual or semi-automatic dispensing.

No matter what kind of dosing or speed you would like. Altrimex engineers are willing to discuss the options with you. Get in touch with them today!


Afvulmachine voor poeders met een besturingskant die stopt bij een dosering van 1502 gram

From setting up to end packaging – we offer the total solution

Almost all our packaging systems are marked by their modular structure. In concrete terms, this means the guarantee of a growth path. For example, a semi-automatic powder filling machine can grow into a fully-automatic packaging line. We offer the following systems to realise this step for you:

jars placed on a conveyor belt
Icon with feeding system that transports powders to the filling system
Screw feeder with funnel
Auger dosing
Jars that are going to be filled
Icon with jars through the control system
Jars that are going to be closed
Bottles that are being labelled
Bags in a row that are going to be sealed
Bottles that are being sleeved
Small jars on a collection table

Altrimex listens, analyzes and thinks along with you, taking into account your budget, environment, requirements and plans. We ensure that all parts are mutually coordinated.

Videos of our powder filling machines / packaging lines

Picture of a rotary filling machine with empty jars on a conveyor

Automatic filling line for powders

Semi automatic filling line for powders

Semi-automatic filling line for sports nutrition

Thumbnail powder filling line

Packaging line for spices

We are there for you from start to completion

Once you have ordered your powder filling machine or another solution, one of our Project Engineers will guide you through the whole process from design, construction and testing to installation and commissioning. This ensures your solution always meets your specifications and requirements.

Our team of mechanics provide customised installation and service. Our service contracts guarantee optimal availability and efficiency of your machines. We can even offer you a 24/7 service option: you will receive a personal emergency number and can reach our people day and night.

Spare parts can be provided rapidly. We keep most replacement items in stock at our warehouse in the Netherlands, and can often deliver them within one working day. Lastly, we can assist with tailor-made financing concepts.

Many years of experience

The many years of experience with the packaging of, for example, spices, baking ingredients and food additives, chocolate sprinkles, muesli and lectin have contributed to the ongoing development of industry-specific designs.

Clients in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry also see Altrimex as an expert partner in, for example, dosing and packaging herbicides, rodenticides, cleaning products, veterinary powders or lactose.

Several of our references

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More information?

Do you want more information about our powder filling machines or are you searching for another solution in the area of powders and granules? Please contact us today and ask for Lucas Smiggels (Sales Engineer) or Paul Debeij (Sales Support Engineer).

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