Liquid filling machines

Semi-automatic, linear and rotary filling machines for liquids from 5 ml up to 1000 litres. Also your partner for complete filling lines.

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Liquid filling machine with vessel and bottles on a conveyor
Liquid filling machine for filling in jerrycans

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Liquid filling machines

Altrimex offers a wide range of semi-automatic, linear, and rotary liquid filling machines with processing capacities from 5 ml up to 1000 litres. Our systems are used by multinationals, but also sole proprietorships, in the food processing, (petro-) chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

A solution is conceivable for every processing process: for example, water-thin or highly viscous liquids, products with or without pieces, electrically or non-electrically conductive liquids, or aggressive and explosive products.

We choose the optimal filling methods and machines based on product properties and required speeds. Our Project Engineers then realise the implementation of the agreed machine or filling line in collaboration with our partners.

Linear liquid filling machine for orange containers

From semi-automatic liquid filling machine to fully automatic packaging line

Setting up bottles on the conveyor belt
Bottles that are being filled
Bottles being closed
Bottles that are being sealed
Bottles that are being labelled
Bottles that are being sleeved
Jars that are being checked
Depalletizing machine
End packaging

We optimise your entire packaging process. We pay undivided attention to increasing reliability and efficiency and building upgrade possibilities. This makes it possible to automate further or increase capacity at a later time. For example, a semi-automatic filling machine for packaging small batches can grow into a fully automatic packaging line with a capacity of tens of thousands of bottles per hour.

Altrimex listens, analyses and thinks along with you, taking into account your budget, environment, requirements and plans. We ensure that all parts are mutually coordinated.

Videos of our filling machines / packaging lines

Jerrycans underneath the filling machine

Motor oil filling line

Doppensluiter waaronder witte flessen worden gesloten

Bottle filling and capping line

Jerrycans op de transportband klaar voor het vullen

Liquid filling line | Jerrycans

Closeup of a capping machine with bottles in the starwheel

TM 300 capping machine

Overview of small bottles in the capping machine

30 head fully automatic capping machine

Your partner from beginning to end

We are involved in the entire process, from non-binding advice and specifications to checks at suppliers, installation, delivery, optimisation and (preventive) maintenance and service.

  • Altrimex also ensures that spare parts can always be delivered quickly from our central warehouse in the Netherlands.
  • Our service contracts guarantee the optimal availability and efficiency of your machines.
  • Our After sales team provides customised installation and service.
  • You can reach our people 24/7 via a personal emergency number.
  • Our technicians have a thorough knowledge of your installation and are immediately on-site if necessary.

Years of knowledge and experience with liquid filling

In addition to a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, Altrimex has extensive insight into how liquid filling processes work through its close cooperation with customers and suppliers. The specification, construction, installation and commissioning of packaging lines for liquids is our core business. This is how we ensure that the customer can concentrate on his/her core tasks.

Several of our references

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More information?

Would you like to know more about our liquid filling machines, or are you searching for a complete solution in the area of liquids? Then contact Henny Lurvink (Sales Engineer) or Henk Hessels (Sales Support Engineer) today for a no-obligation consultation.

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