Every possible technique as a seperate module. Can be used individually or as part of a complete packaging line.

A wide range of techniques

Both semi-automatic, automatic as a separate machine or as part of a complete line. Altrimex offers custom dosing systems, filling machines and packaging installations for hardware, powders, granules, tablets, capsules and liquids. Innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions that help you get the maximum return from your packaging lines. Our close cooperation with reliable suppliers with a highly specialised range of packaging techniques and the modular construction of our packaging solutions with these techniques form the basis for years of problem-free production.

Icoon met ijzerwaren op een weegmachine


– Hardware products
– From dry products to general cargo
– From 10 gr up to 25 kg
– Linear weighing
– Multihead weighing

Screw feeder with funnel
Auger filling

Auger filling

– Both volumetric and weight control
– From 0,1 gram up to 25 kg
– From manual to fully automatic systems
– Dosing into bags, cartons, jars, buckets and sachets
– Integrable into a large range of packaging machines
– From standard to ATEX and hygienic executions available

6 flessen op een transportband die worden afgevuld
Liquid filling

Liquid filling

– Both linear and rotating
– Very thin, foaming as well as highly viscous liquids
– Including liquids that contain particles
– Multiple phases/types per filling
– Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry
– Flowmeter, piston filling and (pump)wheel techniques
– Volume/weight

Icon with tablets on vibrating plate


– Single vibratory bowl up to 48 lanes
– Tablets, capsules
– Manual or fully integrated lines
– Pharmaceutical industry
– cGMP requirements
– 21CFR Part11 compliance
– Full IQ/OQ

Doppen die gesloten worden
Cap closing

Cap closing

– Cap types: Screw caps, roll-on caps, push-on caps, plugs, pumps, seals
– From single-head systems up to 80-head rotating systems
– Integrable turret
– Random shaped bottles, glass, plastic, metal
– All types of industries
– ATEX, IQ-OQ and pharmaceutical

Icon with bottles that are labeled


– High-quality systems for applying self-adhesive labels
– Possibility for multiple labels per package
– Motion control system for synchronisation of labelling speed on the labelling heads
– Possible labelling for any production environment

Icon with feeding system that transports powders to the filling system
Feeding systems

Feeding systems

– Depalletizers
– Bulk transport powders & granules
– (Bottle) placement systems: 50 ml to 5 litres, 250 p / m
– (Carton) erecting systems

Doppen die geseald worden
Induction sealing

Induction sealing

– Induction sealing of containers
– Air-cooled, fully automatic, low energy consumption
– From cap ø20 mm up to ø130 mm
– Integration in automatic packing lines with variable conveyor speeds
– Wide range of security options available (insert detection/cap-height detection, etc.)

Zakken die geseald worden
Bag sealing

Bag sealing

– Semi-automatic jaw sealers for open-mouth bags
– Continuous sealers for the top conveyor belt.
– Airwash cleaning unit for cleaning the top of the bag, for dusty products.
– Speeds from 2 to 20 bags per minute.
– Integration with conveyor belts and metal detectors.

Potjes die geëtiketteerd worden


– From tamper-evident to full-body systems
– High-speed solutions
– From the beverage to sauce industry

Icon with sachet filling machine
Sachet filling

Sachet filling

– 3 side
– 4 side
– Block bottom sachet
– Doypack
– Single – duplex – triplex – Quadro
– 40 mm x 40 mm to 300 mm x 400 mm
– 280 p / m

Depalletizing machine


– Depalletizers
– Shrink film systems
– Pick and place systems
– Overpacking systems
– Tray and wrap-around systems
– Palletizers
– Robot technology

Icon with jars through the control system
Checking options

Checking options

– Metal detection
– X-Ray
– Dynamic weighing
– Up to a capacity of 60 kg
– OIML R51- and MID specifications
– Automatic feedback
– IP65

6 dozen achter elkaar
Erecting / closing (boxes)

Erecting/closing (boxes)

– Tape or hotmelt
– Different box sizes
– Semi- and fully automatic
– Suitable for Plano, Autolock- and American folding box

Spijkers die worden aangetrokken door een magneet
Paralleling magnet

Paralleling magnet

– Up to 25 kg of product
– From steel fibres to bolts
– Inboxes and in bags

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